Events and News

How Quantum Physics and AI is Disrupting Drug Discovery & Development

Case study on how XtalPi is helping pfizer scientists predict and optimize the crystalline forms of drug candidates.

XtalPi Inc. Announces Strategic Research Collaboration with Pfizer Inc

to Develop Artificial Intelligence-Powered Molecular Modeling Technology for Drug Discovery

AI Biotech XtalPi Closes Series B Round Funding from Sequoia China, Google, and Tencent

To date, XtalPi has raised over 20 million USD, making it one of the top-funded AI-powered biotechs.

XtalPi and AMRI's SSCI Enter Into Joint Research Agreement

This collaboration serves to explore and showcase how XtalPi’s algorithm-based solution could accelerate the drug solid-form screening and designing process.

AWS China: XtalPi Featured In Case Study By Amazon Web Services

Thanks to AWS and Spot Instances, we were able to build a flexible and scalable high-performance-computing cluster in the cloud, and reach an ideal cost efficiency.