Learning π Organization

  • Exclusive instructor pilot
    guide the growth of newcomers from the aspects of company integration, new talent training, and job professional skills practice
  • Industry Leaders Lectures
    Always keep pace with cutting-edge academic progress
  • Internal knowledge sharing
    X-Talk, Pi-Talk and skills training, etc.
  • External paid courses
    industry academic forums, leadership development training, etc

π-Type Talents

  • Y-shape development

    The initial development stage of personnel focuses on professional knowledge and skills, and in the advanced stage, different paths of continued growth can be selected according to personal characteristics.

  • Multi-specialty channels

    research family, solution family, technical family, business family and comprehensive family

  • Clear grade system

    adopt the mode of large-level set and small file, the large level corresponds directly with the ability level, and the level difference is clear and easy to understand; At the same time, the continuous grade

π Benefits and π Life

  • Basic assurance
    Five insurance policies and one provident fund, transportation subsidies, meals subsidies, etc.
  • Health assurance
    Supplemental commercial insurance, recruit medical checkup, annual medical checkup, sports club, etc.
  • Social security
    Afternoon tea, departmental team building, company team building, singles party, birthday party, etc
  • Learning guarantee
    Book-purchase benefits, Tencent T-learning platform 2000+ internal lecturer dry goods courses, etc
  • Holidays
    Weekends and holidays, statutory holidays, 7 days of annual leave, women's day, youth day, marriage leave, maternity/paternity leave, bereavement leave, sick leave, etc
  • Anniversaries
    Entry ceremonies, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, birth gifts, work start benefits, anniversary cultural shirts, etc