Expert synthetic chemists amplified by state-of-the-art automation

There are times when inhouse synthetic chemistry simply can’t meet the demand, XtalPi’s Amplified Chemical Synthesis service can become your auxiliary team - our expert synthetic chemists stand ready to discuss your synthesis needs and challenges, and will work collaboratively with you to design the best strategy forward.

Through significant capital investment in state-of-the-art robotics, and because common reactions in medicinal chemistry are well established, our 200 workstations can easily handle routine reactions, perform parallel as well as multi-step syntheses. Automation thus liberates our experienced chemists to focus on interesting new chemistries and unique challenges that come up in trying to synthesize novel compounds.

Beyond the obvious amplification of synthetic throughput, automation also ensures standardization and eliminates human error, resulting in dramatically accelerated syntheses and higher-quality products.

Specific Solutions

  • Conventional Medicinal Chemistry

    High-quality compound synthesis from milligram to kilogram

    • Design and exploration of new synthetic routes  

    • Molecular block synthesis

    • Screening and optimization of reaction conditions

    • Compound library synthesis

    • Catalyst screening  

    • Synthesis of APIs and intermediates

    • Custom compositing

  • Specialty Chemistry

    Non-traditional medicinal chemistry synthesis

    • Peptides

    • DEL

    • Photochemistry

    • PROTAC

    • Metal organic chemistry

    • ADC

    • Isotopic labeling chemistry

    • Macrocyclic compounds


  • Experienced Scientists

    • >50% with advanced degree

  • Brand New Facilities

    • Automation stations to accelerate and standardize procedures

  • AI and Automation

    • AI to optimize synthetic route design

    • High-throughput experiments through automation

    • Reproducible and standardized results

    • Parallel synthesis

    • Multi-step reactions

  • State-of-the-art Instrumentation

    • NMR: Bruker 400MHz

    • LC-MS: Agilent ; Waters; Shimadzu

    • Prep HPLC: Gilson ; Shimadzu

    • CombiFlash: Biotage

  • Comprehensive Management

    • Laboratory management

    • Compound management

    • IP management and IT security support

    • EHS training and inspection

  • Flexible Collaboration

    • Full-time Service Model (FTE)

    • Customized Service Model (FFS)

Assay laboratory

Synthesis laboratory

Synthesis laboratory2


XtalPi is keenly aware that every research partner has unique needs and priorities, and is happy to create a customized solution to optimize your research program