XtalPi Announces Research Collaboration with Janssen

Release date:2022-10-27



SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- XtalPi, Inc., a privately-held solution provider accelerating biopharmaceutical research via its integrated technology platform, announced a research collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson ("Janssen") to deliver chemical matter with validated binding affinities and desirable property profiles. The collaboration was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC.

Under the agreement, XtalPi will deliver validated small molecule hits that possess defined properties for a given target nominated by Janssen. XtalPi will deploy its comprehensive, end-to-end platform – Inclusive Digital Drug Discovery & Development (ID4), which includes proprietary cloud-based computations and state-of-the-art wet lab capabilities with the aim to shorten the "Design-Make-Test-Analyze" (DMTA) cycle.

XtalPi has long enjoyed unparalleled success in prediction accuracy of solid-state polymorphism through numerous collaboration projects with pharmaceutical partners but noting that many additional bottlenecks exist in the drug discovery process, the company undertook ambitious plans to expand its capabilities during the last few years. With significant investments in automation, personnel growth in all relevant disciplines of medicinal chemistry, synthetic chemistry, and biology, as well as the deployment of AI to seamlessly improve computational algorithms' prediction accuracy through rapid validation and refinement against experiments, XtalPi can now offer the full spectrum of research support leading right up to a development candidate.

"I'm excited that we will work together and put our ID4 platform to the test and showcase what it can do," says Dr. Ma Jian, XtalPi's CEO.

About XtalPi 

Founded in 2014, XtalPi founders recognized a common hurdle in drug development having to do with solid polymorphism, which they successfully tackled with quantum physics predictions. Since then, XtalPi has maintained its focus on identifying and then attacking traditional bottlenecks in biopharmaceutical R&D through innovative technologies. Through considerable capital investments in automation and personnel, XtalPi now has four locations worldwide and employs approximately 1000 employees. XtalPi has engaged in collaboration research with nearly all top-20 pharmaceutical companies in the world. Its ID4 platform combines physics-based simulations with experimental validation and refinement, automation for rapid syntheses, and machine learning to continuously improve prediction accuracy and process efficiency.