Automated Solid-state Chemistry Screening and Selection

The intelligent automated solid-state chemistry screening platform developed by XtalPi combines experimental techniques, crystallographic expertise, and intelligent automation. It is an important constituent of the new generation drug development services by XtalPi. By combining human labor and machine automation, lower cost and higher productivity can be achieved to accelerate pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) processes.

Application scenarios
  • Polymorph screening

  • Salt screening

  • Cocrystal screening

  • Single crystal preparation

Technical advantages

  • Full coverage of solution-mediate crystallization method
    • Evaporation

    • Cooling

    • Slurry

    • Vapor diffusion

    • Rapid precipitation

  • Higher efficiency
    • Significantly improved experimental productivity

    • Reduced project timeframe

  • Improved reliability
    • Reducing human errors and reliance on personal experience

    • More reliable data

  • Visualization
    • Real-time monitoring

    • Whole lifecycle management